Sarah & Adrian Serong, Melbourne, Australia

November 2009

sarahKaren, we are truly appreciative for the hard work and personal attention offered to us pre, during and post our wedding day in Bali.

After our initial pre-wedding inspection visit to Bali in March of 2006, when you were representing our preferred caterer, i felt completely at ease and had no doubt that you understood my vision of our wedding day and the great expectations held for our celebration.

As a professional Event Manager myself, I knew the intricacies of the preparation involved in such a day but did not want to spoil the biggest day of my life by worrying about what was going on behind the scenes.

After learning that you were no longer at the helm of the caterer we planned to use, I felt compelled to ask you for your assistance as a freelance Event Organiser for our Wedding and immediately the weight was lifted from my shoulders.

I loved that everything I relayed or requested was met with such enthusiasm and personal care.

Karen, both Ags and I are so grateful for the role you played in making our special day the best day of our lives and you were personally and professionally responsible for making our dream come true.

…You truly were a God-send on ‘The Island of the Gods’.

SARAH MAHER & ADRIAN SERONG, Melbourne, Australia

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