Penny Webb & Paul Quin, Sydney, Australia

September 2010

Words cannot describe how fantastic our wedding day was!

It exceeded all expectations and was breathtakingly beautiful. The smoothness of the day was all thanks to Karen’s incredible team and impeccable organizational skills.

From the day we arrived in Bali Karen was there to meet us and run through all the logistics. She was totally knowledgeable about the process, our venue and her vendors and every question we posed was answered immediately. Karen’s expertise and efficiency took all the nerves and worry out of planning our big day.

Our guests were astounded by the beautiful location and the way the whole day was seamlessly organised to perfection. The wedding was the best that any of them had ever been to and a day that everyone will remember.

We would highly recommend Karen for her style, knowledge and finesse.

Our wedding was so much more then we could have possibly hoped for and will be a beautiful lasting memory for years to come.

Thank you Karen for everything

PENNY WEBB & PAUL QUIN, Sydney, Australia.

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