Najet Agrane & Shyam Ramaswami, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

November 2011

Karen put on nothing short of a magical wedding for us.

We were very demanding and she seamlessly managed to integrate all the different elements which included a traditional ceremony, complicated logistics like a floating wedding platform, a challenging caterer and a host of other little details that we would have been completely lost on.

All our guests said it was the most beautiful and magical wedding they had seen, and without Karen we definitely would not have been able to pull it off from 5000 miles away.

Furthermore, when we first contacted Karen we knew she had no experience with traditional Hindu weddings and more used to `western` weddings but she managed to coordinate both elements perfectly.

Thanks for helping us make our dream wedding come true.

NAJET AGRANE & SHYAM RAMASWAMI , Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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