Fiona Wee & Marten Russell, Perth, Australia

July 2010

A potential venue that we were emailing with asked if we had a wedding planner. With only a couple of potential names to speak of, they recommended Cher Ange weddings & events. That day, the day we were flying to Bali for what became our first wedding planning trip, we emailed Karen, and received a response within 15 minutes with a proposal to meet at our villa 2 days later.

Before that meeting had even arrived, we started to get a feeling of the service level that Cher Ange weddings & events would provide. We had not confirmed Cher Ange weddings & events, not even met Karen yet, and already she was texting us, asking for our wedding ideas and asking if we were available to go with her to see potential wedding venues.

From that very first meeting, we knew that Karen was different to the other wedding coordinators that we’d met, and that she was the one that was going to make our overseas wedding vision come true. Without any obligation, Karen spent considerable hours driving us to visit venue prospects, sharing her experiences and knowledge. It was clear that she not only had great contacts in the industry, but was willing to go above and beyond for her clients. By the end of that trip we knew that Bali was what we wanted, and Karen really suited our style and expectations so we just had to book her right away!

We described Karen to our friends as a “French woman (who has creative flair), married to an Aussie (she could talk Aussie rules footy with the Groom), grew up in Jakarta and living in Bali (speaks Bahasa and has local knowledge)”. In our opinion – perfect!! Karen really listened to our ideas and our vision for the wedding and understood exactly how to turn the ideas into a reality.

Being meticulously detailed planners ourselves, we were at ease during the whole planning process, as we were confident that every detail was being taken care of – Karen would tell us it was being done before we’d even thought of it! We found it very easy to organise our wedding from Australia as Karen would send us frequent progress updates and had a transparent and convenient payment process. This was important for us, that we felt everything, including the financials, were secure and under control – and she was always available to take our calls !

We often felt like we were talking to an old friend, but knew we were dealing with an organised professional, someone who we could count on and trust, and who had no trouble whatsoever in catering our requests or answering our concerns – whatever it took. Karen arranged a 2 day trip with back to back meetings with all the vendors, and it was clear that the vendors Karen worked with shared the same attention to quality, service and reliability. Nothing was too much trouble, and the quality was second to none.

As with any wedding there will always be ‘hiccups’ in the planning, but the difference with Karen was that any issue was resolved immediately, with (what seemed to us) an effortless grace. When we arrived in Bali for the wedding, Bali was experiencing a bout of unseasonal rains – Karen had a marquee company already at our venue to quote and on standby for our confirmation. We had a medial emergency with a vendor risking their availability for our wedding – Karen had arranged a suitable replacement to be on standby. There was a resolution to the problem before we even knew there was a problem. This is what we expected from our wedding coordinator – to have complete faith and trust that they are just getting on with the job, leaving us to try and relax.

On the wedding day, Karen was there the whole day and night – which was really pleasing because we were able to share with her as well our joy in seeing it all come together. We laughed when we heard Karen outside ‘directing traffic’, as we knew that whilst we were inside enjoying champagne, Karen was there attending to every little detail, issue, concern, and problem without us even knowing about it or needing to worry. And we must say, to keep the Fire Dancers a secret for months from such an organised bride (who claimed to know every last detail) was a real testament to the lengths she went to, to bring that touch of sparkle to our wedding day.

We had the most amazing wedding week ever and could not have been happier with how it all turned out. 5 days, 3 separate wedding events – all a complete success. The wedding venue looked absolutely gorgeous, the flowers exquisite, the food sensational, and our guests have not stopped talking about what a fantastic week it was! .

Karen, we are both so grateful to you for all that you did for our wedding, and making it the most memorable and special day. We loved every minute of it, and have such fond memories of our entire Bali wedding journey! We have already given your details to so many people, and have no hesitation in doing so. Thank you again for making our wedding something that we will cherish forever.

Some people believe in chance, some in coincidence. We don’t believe in coincidences – we believe it was Grace that led us to Karen. It was meant to be – and we are so grateful as we could not have had the wedding of our dreams without her help.


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