Mr & Mrs E.Ruelland, Singapore, Singapore

July 2012

Dear Karen,

We do not really know where to begin thanking you for helping us realize what was the happiest day of our lives.

I should probably start off by saying that planning a wedding for us was probably not the simplest of projects: as a busy working couple recently moving into new jobs and a new country, we barely had the time to think about our wedding, on top of all the numerous changes we were adapting to.

So given the little time we could offer you prior to our big day, needless to say we were completely blown away by what you managed to create.

The set up was beautiful, the event extremely well coordinated and organized, and most importantly, it was true to what we wanted.

Our wedding is a little bit of a dreamy haze to me now but what I remember most is how relaxed and happy I was.

The day unfolded seamlessly and naturally and not once did I feel a break in the flow of events – it was just one perfect moment to the next.

I can only imagine the amount of planning, thoughtfulness and sensitivity that you put in to keep me at bay from stress or worry, and no amount of thank yous can express how grateful we are to you for this.

In short, our wedding was magical and we thank you for your guidance, a listening ear, your deep knowledge of Bali and of course, your intangible sense for planning sophisticated parties.

We cannot thank you more for freeing our minds of worry and allowing us to simply enjoy the company of our loved ones.

Warm regards,

Mr & Mrs E.RUELLAND, Singapore, Singapore

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