Anastassia Njoto & Scott Watson, Melbourne, Australia

June 2013

IMG_0321 testimonial

Hi Karen,

Me and Scott just arrived back in Melbourne over the weekend.

Now that i have a steady internet connection, i would like to properly say thank you again for organizing our wedding.

The flowers, the music, the food, the whole LOT. Everyone is blown away by the standard of the wedding and this wouldn’t have happened without you.

The staff were extremely professional and helpful and it really make the big day so much less stressful for myself, Scott and our family.

All our guests felt that they were really look after very very well.

We both can’t thank you enough for everything.

I also want to say thank you the caterer because everyone really love the food so much. Everything was perfect. I literally devour the sago bouillabaise canape even though my dress didn’t even leave a lot of room for breathing let alone eating. My friends are mostly foodies and they love the food and obviously the good things about the desserts as well. Everyone was blown away for sure. I did get to eat a bit more of the lobster main and the osso bucco main the next day along with the wedding cake. My dress as i suspect did not leave a lot of space for eating that night. I was a bit sad i couldn’t eat much of the desserts on the night (dress not permitting), but did felt at least i have tried them all at the food tasting.

By the way we also really like the wedding cake. The cake is really nice and it is magnificent. They have really done a great job with my difficult request.

Thank you so much Karen.



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